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Our services

  • Next-Generation eCommerce Website development

    JamStack architecture and the latest technology: Better UI, Better SEO positions, Better performance. More sales.

  • The Selling Landing page development

    Make sales, test your ideas, or focus on A/B tests - whatever your goal is, we can help.

  • Stunning and Creative Web design

    We create smooth customer journey with the conversion rate in mind.

  • Backend development and Setup

    We primarily use Boundless-Commerce as a Headless CMS for our solutions as the most flexible and reliable platform.

  • Custom integration development

    We connect different systems and build more efficient workflows to make your business reach more with automation.

  • Consulting

    Tell us what you need - we will offer the solution.

How can a Headless approach benefit my Business?

What is Headless?

Headless is an architectural approach where the Frontend (Website or Mobile app) and the Backend (CMS & API) are deocupied. This allows for greater flexibility, as different technologies and frameworks can be used for each component. In other words - the Frontend doesn't depend on the Backend.

From the Business standpoint

  • Cheaper Development & Support

    Specialization makes it easier to find a Frontend developer compared to finding a Full-Stack team.

  • Faster Page Load Times

    The content is pre-rendered and cached resulting in faster page load times. Faster-loading pages - better User Experience.

  • Better SEO positions

    Faster Page Load Times, Enhanced Mobile Experience and Flexibility in Content structure - all these factors can positively impact SEO rankings.

From the Technical standpoint

  • Flexibility

    Use the Programming language and Framework you prefer.

  • Independent deployability

    Autonomous teams can do faster and more frequent deployments.

  • Resiliency & Scalability

    Handle increased load on specific parts of the system without affecting the overall performance. More efficient resource allocation, ensuring cost-effectiveness and optimal utilization.

Why Us?

  • Authorities in E-commerce with over 15 years of experience

  • We are authors of many open-source repositories and NPM packages (and have stars! )

  • Develop products with tremendous passion and enthusiasm.

  • We are Developers of Boundless-Commerce - an API-first Headless E-Commerce platform.

  • We pay great attention to the details.

  • We love the development as well as a great result.

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