How to increase organic traffic in your E-Commerce website in 2023 (tip 1 of 3)

Let's talk about a couple of technical solutions which can help you become more visible in search results.

1. Structured data markup

First of all, I would like to talk about markup in an E-commerce context. Google calls it "Structured data markup". In general, it is an extra markup (HTML tags or JSON) that provides additional information about a product for a search bot: price, availability, title, images, and so on - all the data, which is usually visible to a visitor but might be hard to extract by a search engine. With we present the information in a readable way for robots, so Google can easily extract it.

It might lead to a reacher product snippets in the search results. Google defines it as:

"Product snippets are a richer form of presentation for snippets in search results than just text. They are used for products and product reviews, and can include additional information such as ratings, review information, price, and availability."

If your snippet is bigger, nicer, or takes more space - more likely you will get a click, and your CTR will be higher.

Another benefit - is extra information and richer presentation in the Merchant listing.

Remember - better presentation - higher CTR, higher CTR might lead to a better SEO position and more traffic.

We at Boundless-Commerce would recommend using the markup in all places related to products: collections lists, categories pages, products pages as well as menus, breadcrumbs, and categories.

Our ready-to-use React templates have all of these already implemented features - you can easily test them with the markup tester - just take one of our Next.js templates.

Have a nice sales!

Kirill Zhirnov
Kirill Zhirnov
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