The new free eCommerce template for Next.js (React)

We are very happy to announce the release of the Next.js E-commerce Starter kit! It is free, Ready to use and highly customisable.

The template is used the latest App router introduced in Next.js v14. We aimed to create simple & extendable codebase without complex dependencies. On the same time - it includes all you need to easily create an e-commerce website.


  • Next.js v14 - The new App router
  • 3 different checkout flows - it gives you tips about own checkout flow implementation and payment gateway integration.
  • Stripe Checkout
  • Boundless Checkout with PayPal
  • Custom Checkout form
  • Authentication: Sign in, Password Restore, Sign out
  • My orders page
  • Boundless Webhook handler: on Update/Insert/Delete appropriate cache will be invalidated
  • Simple codebase without complex dependencies (no Redux and other code coherence)

Online Demo

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Kirill Zhirnov
Kirill Zhirnov